Adult Catechetical Opportunities

Thursday, Adult Study beginning March 2

People of the Passion

1:30 & 7:00 pm in the Holy Family Room

Suffering seems to bring out the best and worst in our human nature.  Some people are overcome with hopelessness that leads to despair; others are filled with courage that leads to heroism.  Still others exhibit a wide range of responses that reveal their character: trust, generosity, steadfastness, cowardice, greed, and pride.  The people of the passion in this study are the characters that participated in some dramatic way in the suffering and death of Jesus.  Well-known characters include Peter, Pilate, and Mary Magdalen; lesser known include Simon of Cyrene, the daughters of Jerusalem, and the woman who anointed Jesus.


That Man is You! honestly addresses the pressures and temptations that men face in our modern culture, especially those relating to their roles as a husbands and fathers.  This program successively considers the three most important relationships in a man's life: his relationship with God, his relationship with his spouse, and his relationship with his children.

This men's group will meet on Monday at 6:00 am in the Holy Family Room beginning at September 19 and Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm in the Holy Family Room beginning September 21.  For more infor contact Brad Stuczynski at 608-963-7413 or to register online, click here.