Two 10-game sessions will start at 6:00 p.m. with Progressive Jackpot Bingo played at 8:00 p.m.  

Games will be played at St. Joseph School, 310 Second St. in our gym.

Bingo Dates


It works like this: We’ll play our usual two 10-game sessions.

Then we play a one game session where blackout is the only game. Game sheets will sell for $1 per face.   

The first week 48 numbers are called. If someone wins in those 48 numbers they win half the pot (the total of sales from the Progressive Jackpot session). If no one gets blackout in 48 numbers, the game continues with the winner receiving $100.  Half the pot rolls over to the second week.                            

The second week 49 numbers are called. If someone gets blackout in those 49 numbers they win half of that night’s pot plus the half rolled over from the first week.

The third week 50 numbers are called as the pot continues to climb.               

The more players – the bigger the pot grows

Bingo Food
Concession Stand
Sandwiches - Homemade Desserts - AND.....
Much, Much More!